Below are forms and materials that potential food vendors can use to apply for temporary food establishment licenses for use during special events that will be held in Hackensack. (Please note that large special events which are held on public / municipally owned property, require the approval of the Hackensack City Council).

Vendor applications should be accompanied with a written description of their proposed operation. The description should include a menu and or list of all food items that are proposed for sale, where this food will be purchased, and a description of where and how the food will be prepared and served.

Potentially hazardous foods (those that are in whole or in part made from meat, fish, milk products or eggs) which require advanced preparation before cooking and or serving, may not be prepared at home. All vendors should read and must follow Chapter 8:24 which can be found here.

Applications must be accompanied with a letter from the event sponsor which authorizes the temporary food establishment license applicant to participate in the event. Applications to participate in events that will be held in public parks or on other public property must also provide a copy of the Hackensack Recreation Department approved park permit for the scheduled date.

The fee for a temporary food establishment license is $25.00 per vendor booth, cart, table, etc. Checks should be made payable to the City of Hackensack.

Temporary food establishment license applications should be submitted to the Health Department at least two weeks prior to the date of the event, to allow time for processing. Vendors, who have made a license application, will receive a pre-operational sanitary inspection and their license, immediately prior to the event. For further information, contact Licensing Clerk, Sandra Sampson at (201) 646-3965.