Due to the concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, The Bergen County Board of Taxation is closed to the public but still accepting and processing Tax Appeals via mail. The appeal filing deadline is April 1st. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for placing valuations on all real property throughout the city and makes sure the tax burden is equally distributed among the property owners.

The office handles numerous inquiries from citizens and real estate professional, from deed information to capitalization formulas. The office grants deductions to qualified senior citizens, disabled person, as well as, veterans and widows of veterans. Each year the assessor defends assessments of property at the court level and keeps abreast of current real estate trends, methods of appraisal, and real estate laws.

Tax Maps Are Available For Download

All city tax maps are availabe for download in one 18MB zipped folder containing 46 .tiff image files.  The maps were last updated in Oct. 31, 2003.

Read All Instructions First: 

  1. Click “Download Tax Maps” below.
  2. When prompted, click “Save”.
  3. Select the download location on your drive and click “Save” again.
  4. Extract all files (consult software documentation if necessary).
  5. Open the folder called “Hac zip”.  Tip: Arrange files by name.
  6. To locate a parcel, open the file named “HAC000-031031.TIF”
  7. Zoom in and identify the number of the map containing the parcel.  Map numbers are in squares.  Maps are separated by dotted lines.
  8. Open the file containing that parcel.  For example, if your parcel square is “16”, open the file called “HAC016-031031.TIF”.

Download Tax Maps

Bergen County Geographic Information System

You can also try using Bergen County’s GIS system. County GIS contains assessment information by block & lot, address and owner name.  Click here to enter the County’s GIS system.