Q. What does the City require you to recycle?
 By Ordinance the City requires that anyone who receives garbage collection service by the City to recycle commingled (Glass, Tin, Aluminum, and Plastic), corrugated cardboard, newspaper, and junk mail.

Q. When is my recycling collection day?
A. Check the recycling calendar to find your recycling days by your route number. The calendar is usually available on the homepage. The route numbers are listed in the calendar by street.

Q. How do I prepare my commingled for collection?
A. Commingled glass, tin, aluminum, and plastic can be placed in any open container for collection. Preferably, a 35 gallon plastic garbage can with a lid. Commingled is placed in the container without any plastic or paper bags.

Q. How do I prepare my cardboard for collection?
A. Corrugated cardboard must be crushed and tied up for collection.

Q. How do I prepare my newspapers for collection?
A. Newspaper must be tied into bundles no larger than 12 inches in height.

Q. How do I prepare my junk mail for collection?
A. Junk mail can be tied into a bundle or placed in an open container. No paper or plastic bags.

Q. What is considered junk mail?
A. Junk mail is the mail you receive which you would normally just throw in the garbage. It includes office paper, envelopes, magazines, soft cover books, hard cover books with the covers removed, cereal boxes, etc. Excluded would be pizza boxes, used paper plates, used napkins and tissues, etc. Household Hazardous Waste: 2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collection