Lot C permit tags will be honored in ALL Municipal Lots during the duration of the construction in Lot C.

For more information about Parking in Hackensack, please contact Bill Daley, Parking Manager, at bdaley@hackensack.org.

In an ongoing effort to upgrade our parking system, the city will be adding pay stations in key locations. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the new stations by watching this video. Please note that the system is current “pay by space” not “pay by plate”.

Valet Parking

Parking Policy

Parking for Municipal Lots and Decks is on a first come first serve basis for monthly permit holders as well as transient parkers. Possession of a monthly permit allows parking in Municipal Lots but does not guarantee that a space will be available. The combination of monthly permit distribution, as well as transient parkers, is fundamentally required for efficient use of parking spaces. Municipal Lots can be oversold if it has been determined that the lot is being underutilized on a regular basis. All permit holders of that lot will be notified of any such change. Monthly parking permits shall be issued through the Police Department. Monthly parkers shall park in the designated off-street parking lot or garage.
Payment of monthly parking permits for Municipal Lots and Decks shall be made by the first day of each month. Late fees will apply with Ordinance 170-49E Late Fees.

Late Fees shall be assessed as follows:
Between 5-10 days: Late fee surcharge of 10%
Between 11-30 days: Late fee surcharge of 20%
Over 30 days: Parking privilege is revoked and the vehicle is summonsed or towed.

“In an ongoing effort to provide a better parking experience for residents, shoppers and businesses, the City is updating and expanding its parking system. This will include new parking meters with “smart technology” as well as new and upgraded pay stations in city lots and decks. There will be additional meter placement in distinct parking areas as well to maintain efficient parking space turnover. Ultimately, cell phone technology will be implemented for ease of payment as well as new structured parking to add to overall capacity.  In addition, Parking Enforcement Officers will diligently enforce meter time limits to ensure “turnover”, allowing customers to find parking as close as possible to the businesses they are patronizing. Parking rules are enforced city-wide Monday-Saturday. If you have any questions or concerns about the city’s parking system, please contact Bill Daley at bdaley@hackensack.org. ”