Clarification of ``Orange Notice`` sent out by Tax Collector

The orange notice sent out by the Tax Collector’s Office is not a delinquent notice. The notice is meant to advise property owners that the City of Hackensack will now be holding accelerated tax sales. Consequently, it is very important that property tax payments are received on time.

For residents paying a traditional mortgage, property taxes are handled by the lender, in which case taxes are typically paid on time and no action is required. For property owners that pay property taxes directly to the city, prompt payment is required to avoid fees and, ultimately, being subject to the accelerated tax lien sale if payment is not received. The notice advises:

IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED BY 11-10-15, property owners can expect a 2% fee ($15 minimum – $100 maximum per state statute). Further, the Tax Collector must return all personal and business checks [effective 11-12-15] as cashier checks and cash only will be accepted.

If tax payments are received by November 10th, the notice can be disregarded. Personal and business checks can be used until November 10, 2015.

The City has opted to commence accelerated tax sales in order to minimize cash flow shortages caused, in large part, by the increased number of tax appeals.