Hackensack Municipal Alliance

Phone: 201-646-3965 

Hackensack Municipal Alliance strives to coordinate and support the efforts of community members, agencies, and programs to promote activities designed to create and establish an environment of free of substance abuse and thereby facilitate the positive development of our youth and all families.

The vision for the Hackensack Municipal Alliance is a healthy environment free of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. The Hackensack Municipal Alliance sponsors programs in the middle and high school.

The Alliance sponsors students to the New Jersey Elks Peer Leadership Conference every February as well as sponsoring students to attend Inspire Sports Camp. The alliance also supports a Karate program for at-risk children as well as a summer soccer program.

Questions and concerns, please email: asaabye@hackensack.org

With Insurance

If you have health insurance, the following process will be followed to receive reimbursement for certain out of pocket expenses associated with ambulance transportation services provided by HUMC in the City.

1. If you have health insurance, HUMC will directly bill your carrier.

2. If you have a co-pay that has not been covered by your carrier, you must pay the bill and then submit it with proof of payment to the City’s Finance Department for reimbursement.

a. The City will advance such payments if the resident demonstrates economic need; otherwise no eligibility determination is required to be made for reimbursement of a payment already made.

3. Upon submission of a claim for reimbursement, within two weeks, the Finance Department will mail the resident a purchase order for their signature, or they may request the same in person.

4. Upon receipt of the signed purchase order by the Finance Department, a check for reimbursement will be issued to the resident after the next meeting of the governing body at which such payment may readily be authorized.

Without Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, the following process will be followed to receive reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses associated with ambulance transportation provided by HUMC in the City.

1. If you are billed by HUMC in the absence of health insurance, your bill will be discounted by 80%.

2. The remaining balance may either be paid by the resident and reimbursement will with paid by the City utilizing the same process for insured residents, or the resident may directly apply for charity care with HUMC and have the outstanding balance waived.

a. Please note that to receive charity care a resident may be required to meet certain income eligibility criteria.

b. Any resident, however, is eligible for reimbursement from the City without meeting any income eligibility criteria unless a request is made to have such payment advanced by the City.

All questions concerning the procedure may be directed to James Mangin, CFO, jmangin@hackensack.org, 201-646-3935.