The Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1933 and has been serving the community for over 70 years. Our office is located in Hackensack, the County Seat, making this Chamber the ideal location to support businesses and community interests throughout the county. The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary group of business and professional people who work together to ensure a healthy economic base to benefit the entire community. It harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and enables its membership to accomplish collectively what no one can do individually.

The Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance (MSBA) is a public private partnership formed as an alliance between the business community and the City of Hackensack. The mission of the MSBA is to address the issues facing the business community with the goal of improving the local economy and the overall business climate in Hackensack.

The MSBA management organization is governed by an 11 member Board of Directors comprised of commercial property owners and business owners, who are elected by the members of the district, along with liaisons from the Hackensack Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA, the Johnson Public Library, and the City Council. The MSBA is supported by a full time staff.

The Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance, created in January 2004, will focus on issues including:

  1. Clean and Green Programs
  2. Marketing/Special Events
  3. Visual Improvement/Façade and Signage Grant Program
  4. Vehicle and Pedestrian Circulation/Parking
  5. Retention and Recruitment
  6. Public Relations

Board members and other volunteers work on the above issues within an organizational structure of committees. The committees will work on projects such as improving the street retail environment, marketing the district through the creation of a business directory, web site, investor’s marketing kit, and will publish quarterly newsletters. There is no criteria in order to become an active participant in the MSBA’s activities. Residents, civic leaders, and business proprietors can all contribute to the revitalization effort. New volunteers are always welcome.

The Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance extends along Main Street from Atlantic Street to Clinton Place. There are 153 commercial properties and over 375 businesses within the district. The diversity of the district’s business mix adds to the MSBA’s marketing position. All of the programs and projects of the MSBA are supported through an annual budget of approximately $360,000.00 generated through a special assessment on commercial properties located within the MSBA district.