How do I find out information on the children’s sport programs?

The Hackensack Recreation Department prints out flyers and registration forms for every single student attending school in Hackensack, (including private and catholic schools). We then send those flyers home with the students. If your child did not receive a flyer you can pick them up at The Hackensack Recreation Department, (116 Holt Street.) All registration forms will eventually be found on the City’s website. We register for sports the season before. Fall sports register in the summer, winter sports register in the fall, spring sports register in the winter.

What are the sports that correspond with the seasons?

Fall: Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Karate (varies), Tennis
Winter: Basketball, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Karate (varies), Indoor Jr. Track & Field
Spring: Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Karate (varies)
Summer: Recreation Summer playground program.

I want to use one of the city’s parks and fields for an event how do I go about getting a permit?

You must submit your request in writing at least 2 months in advance of your event. Your letter must have the name of your organization and state the reason why you want to use the park and or field. You must also be able to show proof of insurance so that all attending will be covered. If the date that you requested is available, a Recreation Center staff member will contact you as to when you can come down and fill out the permit. The permit must be filled out in person at the Hackensack Recreation Department, (116 Holt Street).

Do you rent out the Recreation Center for private parties?

No. The Recreation Center is only rented out to City based organizations, schools, youth organizations, Churches, and other philanthrophic groups. The permit process is the same as getting a permit for a city park or field.