Requirements for the purchase of an existing business

If you are purchasing an existing business you need to insure that you have all necessary federal, state and local permissions to operate. Prospective business owners should at a minimum check with the following departments: Building, Housing and Land Use, Fire and Health.

1. Certificate of Occupancy: Prospective business owners should check with the Building Department to determine if it is necessary to apply for a Continuing Certificate of Occupancy.

2. Health Department Licenses: Health Department licenses are not transferable. When a business changes ownership, the new owners must apply and receive approval to operate from the Health Department. Click here for a License Application form. For additional information call 201 646-3962.

3. Other Departments: Check with other departments such as Fire and City Clerk for additional requirements.

4. Proposed program of training for the persons in charge and food employees pertaining to protecting public health and the safety and integrity of food; and

5. Evidence that application has been made to the City of Hackensack’s Department of Building, Housing and Land Use for a certificate of occupancy or a certificate of continuing occupancy.

Click here for an application for a new business or change of ownership.