The Division of Criminal Identification is charged with the issuance, inspection, sus-pension and revocation of licenses and permits, which come within the jurisdiction of the Hackensack Police Department.  The licenses and permits are for Taxi and Limousine drivers, Land-scapers,  Snow Removal services, Servers of Alcoholic Beverages, Canvassing, Second-hand Jewelry sales, Vending machines, Ice Cream Vendors, and Tow truck drivers and companies.
The Division also processes request for  State of  New Jersey Firearm Identification Cards and Handgun Purchase Permits. The Division also maintains Police Department Records which include reports filed, arrest records, finger-prints and photographs of those arrested, as well as crime scene photographs, and motor vehicle crashes as requested by other bureaus within the department.

The Community Access Center, located on the first floor of the police department is also operated by this bureau. This center allows for the public to pick up copies of reports, have their fingerprints taken and apply for licenses and permits issued by the City of Hackensack.

Traffic Reports

Click here to obtain motor vehicle crash reports.
Reports are available for accidents that took place after March 1, 2011.


Common firearm questions and form are available here:

Some forms require free Acrobat reader. Download it here.