Welcome to HACPAC — the new centerpiece for the City of Hackensack.

The new Hackensack Meridian Health Theater is a home that nurtures new artists: playwrights, musicians, directors, choreographers and visual artists. It is also home to professional theater companies and arts organizations. We will showcase premier performers, including Broadway and Hollywood stars, as well as Grammy-winning artists. We will continue to bring top-quality entertainment for all ages, across all arts disciplines.

Historically, the City of Hackensack has been in the vanguard of arts and culture in Bergen County and New Jersey. Our proximity to New York City makes us an ideal home for artists, spanning numerous arts and performing disciplines.The City has nurtured and influenced such jazz greats as Thelonious Monk, rock & roll icons like Jimi Hendrix and Joe Lynn Turner, and R&B stars like James. “J.T.” Taylor from Kool and the Gang. We have also cultivated many theater companies, dance organizations, comedy troupes, and musicians. Now come and welcome the next generation of great artists and performers to our new Performing Arts Center.

We built our roots at The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, which began its first season in 2001 and closed in 2017. That small hundred-seat black box venue became a home for all arts in Hackensack bringing in professional groups and an array of acclaimed events, such as stand-up comedy nights, sketch comedy nights, poetry readings, lectures, one-act plays, full-length plays, musicals, book readings, staged readings, jazz concerts, classical music concerts, folk music, new-wave music, cabaret concerts, dance recitals, and much more.

Now, located in the downtown area of Hackensack, transformed from an old Masonic Temple, the City of Hackensack is home to a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. We have taken our previous success and brought that to the new HACPAC.

For Event Information Visit Our Website: www.HACPAC.org