City of Hackensack

General Information For Snow Removal

Residents are advised to read the snow removal and snow emergency policies carefully.

The responsibility for keeping our community safe and transportation networks accessible during winter weather is shared by both the City and its residents.

Residents are reminded that no person shall park a vehicle on any portion of those public streets identified under Section 170-66 of the Code of the City of Hackensack (“Code”) when streets or roads are snow covered. Vehicles must be removed until all snow fall has stopped and the street has been cleaned.  Please be aware that plows will make multiple passes on streets and residents must wait until the street is clear of all snow before returning vehicles to the roadway.

Final Snow removal will follow the “Street Sweeping Schedule.” This schedule will be strictly enforced when roadways are snow covered.

  1. Responsibilities for clearing snow and ice City:
    • Public roadways (City-owned)
    • Municipal sidewalks, curb ramps and landings
    • Walkways, curb ramps and landings in City parks and open spaces
    • Bus stops
  2. Declaration of Citywide Snow Emergency. A Citywide snow emergency may be declared when:
    • Heavy snow accumulation is predicted;
    • Local State of Emergency is declared; and/or
    • NJ State of Emergency is declared.
  3. Communication of Snow Emergency: Notification of a snow emergency will be made through all available public media outlets such as TV, radio, citywide alerts by phone (Reverse 911), and email/text message notifications to subscribed users through Nixle. The Police Department may also use vehicle public address systems. Residents are encouraged to visit the City of Hackensack website for the most up-to-date information.
  4. Enforcement/clean and lien All owners, tenants or occupants of lands abutting upon the sidewalks or public streets or public places in the city shall remove or cause to be removed from the sidewalks in front of or abutting said lands all snow and ice within six hours of daylight after the same shall have ceased to fall or form thereon. A summons will be issued to the property owner of record and the City will clear the walkway, the expense of which shall become a tax lien against the property in accordance with Section 148-33 of the Code.
  5. Snow Emergency No Parking Regulations: Vehicles must be removed from city streets identified under Section 170-66 of the Code when snow accumulation covers the roadway and a snow emergency is in effect. Failure to move a vehicle off the snow covered road will result in the vehicle being ticketed and towed. If your vehicle is towed, residents should contact the Hackensack Police Department.When heavy snow accumulation is predicted, City parking lots may be made available for residents. Parking in these lots will be on a first come, first serve basis.
  6. After Snow Emergencies: Section 168-6 of the Code restricts vehicles from remaining in the same space for more than 72 hours. When city lots are made available during a snow emergency, vehicles must be removed by 8:00 A.M. the day after the snow event. Residents may not put objects on the street to reserve parking.
  7. Plowing Procedures
      • Sidewalks, pathways and accessible ramps from the front of the property and extending to the corner must be cleared of ice and snow. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that walkways be cleared a minimum of 42” to allow wheelchair passage.
      • Snow and ice must be cleared within six (6) hours of daylight after the first sunrise of the completion of the storm. (Section 148-31 of the Code).
      • Snow and ice on your vehicle must be cleared on your property. Snow and ice may not be deposited, thrown or shoveled into or upon any street which has been cleaned or plowed of snow and ice by the City. (Section 148-32 of the Code).
      • Property owners are asked to help keep catch basins clean and open to prevent flooding.

Roads may be treated with brine, salt or sand prior to and during a snow event. Plows will make multiple passes on streets and will clean as close to the curb as safely possible.  Street and public walkways will be plowed or cleared in the following order:

Main Roads, Cross Streets, Side Streets, Bus Routes
Hospital Hills
Public Bus Stops/ramps/bridges
Public Sidewalks

During snow emergencies, City crews work around the clock to ensure our streets remain safe and accessible for all residents.